Ecom Day With SAMPAIX Studio.


Most of us have shot there before, Beehive Studio, at the top of Wellington House in Ancoats, Manchester. You know the gaff that has the stupid amount of stairs to climb before you reach your destination, yeah… that studio. All jokes aside though, it actually is a nice little studio to work out of, with its option for natural light spilling in from the windows on one side, making for nice BTS shots.

With familiar face, Junior Clint, stepping in as our model for the evenings session and the rest of the team steaming garments and piecing looks together for the shoot, I was left to start setting up on my side, by beginning to create what would be the lighting design for the e-commerce images of the brands first collection, which in the brand owners own words, had been in development for years.

With my experiences working in-house and self-employed, I’ve seen a mix bag of working environments, some making you feel like the shoot needed to be complete yesterday, others with a more relaxed feel to them, with each and every detail being considered along the way.

This shoot with the SAMPAIX team was the latter, it was refreshing to see business owners pour so much passion and energy into what it is they’re creating, because we all know, not all business owners consider the finer details like this, especially in a social media focused world where everybody seems to think anything and everything is instant and on demand.



Four hours later and fifteen looks captured overall, it was time to wrap things up and start packing down the setup. The session was a success, the team worked together really well and the client overall was very pleased with the outcome of the day, I’m due a catch up with the client next month at some point, so maybe you will see more projects between myself and the SAMPAIX team soon.

If you would like to speak to me about your own e-commerce solutions or any other questions you might have relating to your brand or products, please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail or through social media.