Nike IVO Launch For Sports Direct + Nike.

There’s something about those busy and bustling sunshine days in London, the energy is just different and whilst some say they hate the city, call me a weirdo but I love how hurried everybody is, racing from place to place, on a mission to get business done and secure the bag haha!

Anyway, arriving into London on this particular day it was one of those sunny days that I love so much and the destination was West London, Knightsbridge. Jumping off the tube at Knightsbridge and arriving at the location after a short 10 minute walk, I was met by the We Are Dink team to be briefed in on the job ahead, another interesting fact is that the location used on this particular project was the old John Lewis factory, so there’s a little history lesson for you too.

Bringing in artists from three main cities in the United Kingdom, We Are Dink and the team brought in Skengdo x AM to represent London, Smuggzy Ace and RK for Birmingham and last but not least, Meekz and Ayo Britain to represent Manchester.

Overall, the direction of this campaign was set out by We Are Dink and the aim was to capture each artist in the Nike IVO product which was due to launch via Sports Direct. The settings of this shoot were tight, as video was running side by side photography, but working together and allowing the artists to naturally be themselves in such an environment, the brief was achieved and everything went to plan, essentially it was a small gig with a BBQ cookout and drinks provided, what more could you want in the sun whilst on a rooftop in London!


After a full day spent at the location, the sun had long set by now, the final scenes were being wrapped up indoors as this was a full location takeover and at this point, as so that I didn’t miss my last train back to Manchester, it was my cue to wrap-up, pack up and make a dash back to the tube before I found myself stranded in London somewhere.

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